South Sardinia

A land of a thousand shapes
and countless hues

The unique features of the island have been celebrated since ancient times, when populations of traders and conquerors made 
Sardinia their home. An island with a distinctive character, it stands out for its rich
natural landscape and the hospitality of its people. The coast is dotted with spectacular beaches
which embrace the south of the island with Mediterranean colours and scents. To discover the history of this land, why not visit the charming Roman ruins of Nora, just a few miles from the hotel, and many other heritage sites that dot the area.
For lovers of tradition, several folk celebrations and festivals draw visitors to this part of the coast year round.
Not to be missed is the charming festival of Sant’Efisio, held every year on 1 May, without fail, since 1657.
This colourful religious procession features folk groups in traditional costumes from all over the island.
The procession ends in the Romanesque church at Nora beach, which was consecrated in 1102.


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The ancient ruins of Nora

Nora was perhaps the first true city of Sardinia, a magical place founded by the Phoenicians on ancient Nuragic ruins.
Conquered by the Romans in 238 BC, it became a municipality and the capital of the Roman province of Sardinia and Corsica.
The site, located on the far side of Nora beach, preserves the precious mosaics of the Roman houses,
 the remains of the ancient baths and the temple of Aesculapius, which overlooks the sea at the far end of the peninsula.
The theatre, which is largely intact, still hosts performances by international artists.

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Antico Teatro Romano di Nora - Pula
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